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What is Panchakarma?


Definition of Panchakarma
Pancha=five, Karma=actions or methods or techniques for purification of the body.

Panchakarma refers to the five techniques implemented in Ayurveda under Shodhan Chikitsa (Purification Technique). Panchakarma aims at rejuvenating the body, energizing the mind and body - by eliminating the toxins (Ama), the root cause of all diseases and it also aims at increasing the immunity so as to resist current condition and prevent future diseases.

As per Ayurveda, the manifestation of disease takes place in six stages-

  • Sanchay (Accumulation of Toxins).
  • Prakopa (Initial manifestation).
  • Prasara (Proliferation).
  • Sthansansraya (Anchoring).
  • Vyakti (Chronic Manifestation).
  • Bheda (Differential Cause).

Panchakarma can be used in the first three stages of disease. Till this stage the toxins or the ama has not yet entered the organs and tissues, so its still easy to get them eliminated through the gastrointestinal tract.

Why is elimination of ama so important?
When the doshas get aggravated, they weaken the digestive fire or agni- leading to accumulation of undigested material in the gastrointestinal tract known as Ama (toxins). Once this ama enters any organ or tissue, it creates confusion within the cell by interfering with its intelligence. This is the root cause of all diseases. Hence the key to prevention of all diseases is elimination of ama.

Panchakarma consists of three steps-
1. Pre-preparation.
2. Panchakarma.
3. Post-Panchakarma support.

Panchakarma -
It consists of five karmas of which one is selected to eliminate the doshas from the gastrointestinal tract, once they have liquefied after the pre-preparation and accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract. It includes-

1. Vamana-therapeutic vomiting.
2. Virechana-giving laxatives/purgatives.
3. Basti- Herbal Enema and Sirodhara.
4. Nasya - Nasal Herbal Oil Instillation.
5. Rakta mokshana-blood purification by blood letting.

Post-Panchakarma support-

Panchakarma aims at purifying the body and strengthening it so as to prevent future illnesses from occurring. For this, after Panchakarma enough rest is given to the body along with a proper diet regimen followed by regular meditation, Yoga asanas and Rasayanas.

Rasayanas are rejuvenating herbs given for strength, vigor, vitality and for building up immunity.

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