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Vedic Astrology FAQs

What is Astrology?
Astrology is a science which attempts to co-relate the events in our lives on earth with the planetary movements and their positions in the heavens.

How is it different from Astronomy?

Astronomy is the study of the celestial bodies, their properties, behavior, life cycles, and the universe as a whole. Where as Astrology studies the affects of the celestial bodies on ourselves, our thinking processes and events in our lives on earth.

How can celestial bodies affect us when they are so far away?

The best examples of the visible affects by the celestial bodies are shown by the Sun and the Moon. Though Sun is about 95 million miles away from earth and it takes about 8 minutes for light to reach earth but still Sun provides us with all the light, heat and energy required to sustain life on earth. Though Pluto is about 370 million miles away from the sun but still orbits around it proving the Sun's influence over it. Similarly the moon's affect on ocean tides, and people's mental health are well known. Therefore in Astrology it is believed that all celestial bodies affects us directly or indirectly. When we see the interplanetary distances they are huge as per human size but when seen from the galactic perspective they are not much.

How does celestial bodies affect us?

The solar system consists of the Sun at the center and the the planets rotating and revolving around the Sun. Planets have moon/s that revolve and rotate around them. The entire solar system is at equilibrium due to the forces and counter forces acting on all the bodies by each other. The forces by the celestial bodies as experienced on earth changes with their movements in the solar system as they form different configuration in skies in relation to earth. Astrology tries to understand the affect of these forces created by the configuration of the celestial bodies on us and on the events on earth.

Can Astrology predict past, present and future events?

As Astrology co-relates the events on earth with the planetary movements and their positions in the skies and since the movements of the celestial bodies follow a definite pattern which can be calculated for any period of time past, present or future there by making it theoretically possible for Astrology to predict events based on the movements and positions of these planets for those time period.

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