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About Us

American Ayurveda was established in 2005 in New York City, USA with a view to introduce the ancient holistic healing science of Ayurveda to the modern day busy person in a simple and easy way making it possible to take advantage of this science and improve their health and outlook towards life.

About our Ayurveda Consultant

Vaidya Vasudha is one of the founder members of American Ayurveda who visualized the concept and is actively involved in its every day affairs. She is a graduate of R. A. Podar Medical College, Mumbai, India where she was conferred the degree of BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) by Bombay University, after successful completion of the required study program and the mandatory medical internship. She belongs to a batch of students who were allowed to practice both Western (Allopathy) and Ayurvedic Medicine in India as she underwent a special program during her graduation which taught her both disciplines of the medicine thus requiring 7½ years of study instead of the regular 5½ years. She also underwent special training to learn Sanskrit, the language in which the original texts of Ayurveda are written, so that she could read and interpret the texts and get a deeper understanding of the subject.

During her graduation she found herself especially interested in Ob/Gyn and took keen interest in understanding the different issues concerning Women's Health. She actively participated in research work of formulating and testing ayurvedic formulations for various Women's health conditions under the guidance of late Vaidya Mrs. Koppikar. She also pursued Guruji Vaidya Vyas to teach her the science of Pulse Reading and Diagnosis after lectures, although it was not included in the curriculum and which can only be taught on one on one basis, as she realized that learning the science of Pulse Reading and Diagnosis was imperative in becoming a successful ayurvedic healer.

In a time where everyone was eager to follow the western medicine (Allopathy) for quick results she established a private practice in Mulund a suburb of Bombay, India successfully educating and motivating people to appreciate and accept pure ayurvedic herbal preparations for various health conditions thereby making Ayurveda a part of their day to day life.

In USA Vaidya Vasudha works as an Ayurveda Consultant and Health Coach educating and training people in the art of this ancient science of Ayurveda.

She has conducted seminars at NYU Medical Center, New York and other various institutions to teach people about Ayurveda and inculcating its principles in everyday life. She is a faculty at Open Center and Dinacharya Institute at New York. She has appeared in several live TV shows on ITV to discuss Ayurveda and offer suggestions on Ayurvedic approach on various health conditions. She also helped create this website to further her aim of spreading Ayurveda throughout USA and around the globe.

Most products offered on this website are high integrity proprietary formulations of Vasudha that have been found highly effective by her clients during her practice in Bombay, India for a period of more than 10 years. These products are prepared using best quality herbal ingredients handpicked by Vasudha herself in USA. Her specialty is customizing the herbal formulations as per the body type she finds in the pulse reading during consultation. The herbal formulations are prepared using very basic herbs most of which are used as food ingredients in daily life but the combination in specific proportions gives the desired results.

Keeping her vision in mind American Ayurveda has adopted the motto
“Health for all – Naturally!”

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